KTAI Fly Day - January 29, 2000 at University of New Orleans
Some of the cool new kites and such at the fly.

The day was cold, rainly, and gusty.  Not the ideal weather to fly kites.  But I had a terrific time.  The kite vendor/manufactures
were all just great.  Was pretty cool how cordial they were to each other.  I think just about everybody took the opportunity to
fly everybody elses kites.  One of these guys (who will go nameless) walks up and takes the lines to a beginner kite just after
I finished flying.  Talk about making a guy look bad.  These guys make a beginner kite fly like, well, not a beginner kite.

And guys the Crescent City Kiteflyers Annual Kite Fest is in Oct/Nov.  Feel free to come back and bring your toys!

The HQ banner

Premier Kits Banner

Tori Tako Banners
Picture not available
The new Prism Flashback.  Looks
great and the kite shop owners made
it look good flying.

An owl from the guys at Flying Wings

Claudie Schob takes a break

Dan Whitney, Gone with the Wind Kites,
says "Sure I take cash!"

Dodd Gross Show Chip some tricks with the 
Freestyle 2K

Foils in Flight
I think these are from Premier

Mark Reed signs Chip's Eclipse